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Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! 

I hope you've all been well~ 

I can't believe it's finally September! It's finally pumpkin spice latte season LOL Are you guys excited?

Well since the changing of the seasons is beginning, I felt like a versatile outfit post was necessary. It's really easy to turn your summer pieces into fall and winter pieces!

So instead of hitting the store for new fall & winter clothes, maybe you should incorporate your summer clothes into your outfits this Fall and Winter. 

Keep reading to see how I incorporated a Summer floral crop top into outfits that can be worn throughout all of the different seasons! 

1) Summer

1) Cream Wool Converse
2) Hollister Denim Shorts
3) Rainbow Heart Sun glasses from F21
4) Floral Crop Top from Pac Sun

2) Autumn

1) Wine red leg warmers from DSW
2) Floral Crop top from Pac Sun
3) Thin black cardigan from Old Navy
4) Black ruffle play skirt
5) Cream wool Converse

3) Winter

1) Navy blue cardigan from Old Navy
2) Floral Crop top from Pac Sun
3) Thick navy blue stockings
4) Roxy combat boots
5) Pleated lace skirt from F21

4) Spring

1) Pink lace skirt from Kohl's
2) Floral crop top from Pac Sun
3) Brown wedges from Guess 
So that pretty much wraps up my post for this week! Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments <3 I think my favorite outfit is between the summer & autumn ones~ 

Also, I'd like to let you guys know that I leave for college on the 19th, so I apologize if posts start coming up a bit later and further apart then usual! 

Thanks so much for reading & until next time, 

xoxo Payton

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